Creative Spaces

I have been working for weeks on a room switch- the office is going downstairs and the sewing space is coming upstairs.

I seem to be unable to make a decision though on what direction to go with my sewing space- the office is coming together and I am loving it….the sewing space….I am overwhelmed.

What I know.

  1. I want to sit in front of the window and sew, the natural light is a big part of my decision to move the sewing room upstairs.  sewing space 1sewing room 3
  2. I want floor shelving- not hung.  SmashedPeasAndCarrots perfection!sewing room 2
  3. I am going to try to get by without painting the room- current color is a light grey.
  4. I want this IKEA table as my cutting table- well I ALMOST know this.  I am 90% sure.  I am anxious to show Mr. Wonderful and share that it’s $399 and see what options he comes up with.  Check out this instagram post!sewing room 4

Images found on Pinterest- no links were found.

I am green with envy at some of these spaces.

DIY Cubbies and sewing table.

IKEA sewing table hack.

Cutting Table Hack

Counter space- work area

What I need to decide-

  1. Color Scheme- I know I want all white furniture and white curtains but what do I want to accent with?
  2. Do I use my green cabinet that is in my old space?
  3. Do I need a rug or no rug?

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